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Airless Spraying

Fire Protective Coatings

Resin Flooring Systems

Diamond Grinding

Weston's Services

Weston's can provide your business with a wide range of decorative, aesthetically pleasing and protective paint systems designed to give you long term durability and protection.

We install many bespoke paint systems for commercial and industrial environments throughout the UK, designed to protect and reduce maintenance cycles, increase hygiene standards and improve health & safety at work.

Our specifications will incorporate the very latest protective and sustainable paint system available today, meeting your requirements and protective needs.

As an environmentally concious company all our paint systems are 2010 VOC compliant with a growing number of paints being completely solvent free, whilst protecting your business you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

We provide...

  • Commercial: - Corporate Identity
  • Industrial: - Long Term Protection
  • Airless Spraying: - Application Diversity
  • Fire Protection: - Protective & Defensive
  • Resin Floors: - Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Diamond Grinding: - Quality Floor Preparation

Moving our business forward...