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Supply Chain Group Meeting
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We Provide Highly Skilled Time Served Operatives For All Our Clients

To serve our customers well, it is essential that we are ethically able to obtain best quality and value at all times, consequently Supply Chain Management is a key strategic activity within our organisation.

Our effective and efficient Supply Chain Management is a result of a close working relationship between our supply chain department, our sector businesses and our suppliers at every stage of the process.

To obtain the very best value from our suppliers of goods and services we source in order to maintain and develop our business, we take in to account a wide range of considerations such as quality, durability, purpose, cost and environmental performance indicators.

These facets combine under a number of supplier relationship schemes operated within our organisation aimed at ensuring the highest standards of supply, innovation and effectiveness, demonstrating a mutual respect with opportunities to share in the rewards of our success.

Our Supply Chain Management strategy provides a best practice service to all of our constituent businesses linked with Weston Painting Contractors and ultimately our clients. A focus on integrating supply chain partners and clients within our business operation ensures a lean and highly sustainable operation.

If you would like to become a supply chain partner please contact our Supply Chain Manager,
Roy Jones.

Key Indicators On Supply Chain Management

Working Objectives…

  • Smarter selection
  • Best value from our suppliers
  • Developing customer relationships
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Team strengths
  • Contribution
  • Strengthening business environment
  • Social awareness
  • Recognising environmental responsibilities
  • Creating sustainable values
  • Sustainable development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Capability to deliver
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